does this work for you? does this make you feel good?
have you found anything else that does? tell me about it.
that's interesting, why do you think it drew you in? you felt accepted almost immediately then? that must have been nice.
you think it wasn't actually real?
oh, you think it wasn't real love. you know it was real--but are you sure? i don't know what's real unless it's looking at me like that.
my realness has nothing to do with yours. you're seeing what you want to either way.
you really think so? i don't think that's the whole truth. no one sees what the other wants them to. you're just seeing what you want to see of what I want to show you, which is quite different in my mind. not that it's a bad thing as long as we're having fun.
you really think so? all through this you still think you're seeing all of me?
now you're backing up. just let it go, please.